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TrustSis Methodology for GRC Project Management, SOD Matrix, and Profiles


Project management is a critical activity for the success of any project. In an increasingly complex and regulated business environment, the ability to effectively manage risks, ensure regulatory compliance, and maintain solid governance has become a strategic priority, especially when implementing complex systems like SAP identity and access management. In this context, the TrustSis Project Management Methodology stands out as an innovative and effective approach.

With a highly qualified team and extensive experience in SAP projects, TrustSis Consultoria, over its 15 years in the market, has a proven track record of successful GRC, SoD Matrix, and Access Profiles projects, helping organizations achieve greater security, compliance, and efficiency in their business processes.

In this article, we will explore the TrustSis methodology for GRC Project Management, SoD Matrix, and Profile Redesign, presenting an effective approach for companies seeking to optimize their access security processes, especially in the SAP environment.


Characteristics of the TrustSis JumpStart Methodology

When it comes to Project Management, it is common to come across widely used methodologies in the market, such as PMBOK, Scrum, Kanban, among others. These approaches have proven effective in different contexts and have been adopted by many companies to enhance the execution of complex projects. However, TrustSis, a company specializing in SAP identity and access management solutions, decided to go further and developed its own methodology that combines the best of various concepts, allowing for versatile and adaptable management to a wide range of scenarios: the TrustSis JumpStart Methodology.

TrustSis’s project management methodology is based on management and governance practices rooted in the SAP Activate methodology and TrustSis JumpStart practices/accelerators/methods, continuously refined by its specialized PMO structure. This methodology combines elements of traditional and agile methodologies, providing project management that adapts to the specific needs of each project.

If the project requires a more rigid and linear approach, the TrustSis JumpStart Methodology can be easily applied in a waterfall model, with clearly defined stages and well-planned deliverables. On the other hand, if the situation demands flexibility and continuous adaptation, the methodology adapts to an agile approach, allowing for incremental deliveries and adjustments throughout the process.


Phases of the TrustSis JumpStart Methodology

The TrustSis JumpStart Methodology is an internally developed approach by TrustSis Consultoria, specifically designed to optimize the implementation of GRC solutions, SoD Matrix, and Access Profiles. This methodology covers all project stages, from initial planning to post-implementation, ensuring structured management and successful project execution.

TrustSis JumpStart Methodology diagram showing phases: Discovery, Prepare, Explore, Realize, Deploy, Run. Includes steps: Assessment, Prepare, Model, Build & Test, Deploy, Operate, Monitor, and Sustain. Features TrustSis accelerators and templates.

TrustSis MethodologyDiscovery – Assessment
The first step of the TrustSis JumpStart Methodology is to conduct a detailed analysis of the client’s needs and requirements. In this phase, the TrustSis Consultoria team works closely with project stakeholders to understand goals, requirements, risks, and constraints. Based on this information, a technical and commercial proposal is developed, and a customized project plan is created, which will serve as a guide for all subsequent stages.

TrustSis MethodologyPrepare – Prepare
With the project plan in hand, the TrustSis team develops the solution design. This stage involves defining the security architecture, identifying necessary roles and permissions, evaluating project accelerators, drafting the schedule, and configuring access policies. The objective is to design a personalized and scalable solution that meets the client’s specific needs.

TrustSis MethodologyExplorer – Model
In this phase, interviews, workshops, and meetings with stakeholders are conducted to gather crucial information. Additionally, relevant document and data analysis is performed to obtain a comprehensive view of the project’s context and requirements. From this point, the project advances to the next stages, using the solid foundation established during the exploration phase to ensure that the results meet expectations and deliver real value to the client.

TrustSis MethodologyRealize – Build and Test
The implementation phase is where the TrustSis Methodology comes to life. The TrustSis Consultoria team of specialists works on configuring and customizing the solution, ensuring that it is perfectly integrated with the organization’s existing systems and processes. During this period, rigorous testing is performed to ensure that the solution operates smoothly. Importantly, from this phase, it is possible to proceed with sprints, adopting the agile methodology concept.

TrustSis MethodologyDeploy – Deploy
In this phase, the TrustSis JumpStart Methodology dedicates a specific stage to training and capacitating end users and the organization’s internal team, ensuring that everyone is adequately prepared to use the solution efficiently and safely. This phase also encompasses the execution of deployment activities, carefully following the established cutover plan. Based on these assurances, the “go-live” is performed, marking the moment when the solution is officially implemented and fully operational. The TrustSis Consultoria team provides dedicated support to key users and end users within the project timeline.

TrustSis MethodologyRun – Operate, Monitor e Sustain
The project’s completion does not mark the end of the TrustSis Methodology cycle. The TrustSis Consultoria team continues to monitor the solution post-implementation, tracking performance and providing continuous support to resolve any issues that may arise. This proactive approach ensures the solution’s stability and adaptability over time. Additionally, clients recognizing the added value from the project choose to contract TrustSis for specialized AMS support for operating and sustaining their GRC processes.


TrustSis Consultoria has successfully implemented the TrustSis JumpStart methodology in multiple organizations. The strategic combination of accelerator tools and perfect integration with artificial intelligence has resulted in a notable reduction in the implementation time of GRC projects. This approach not only consolidates the methodology as tested and effective but also reinforces its positive impact on operational efficiency and achieving solid results.

Benefits of the TrustSis Methodology


Risk Reduction: TrustSis’s structured approach minimizes risks and helps prevent security breaches, ensuring that only the right people have access to the appropriate information.
Flexibility: The TrustSis JumpStart methodology is flexible and can be adapted to the specific needs of the project.
Rapid Delivery: The TrustSis JumpStart methodology is based on agile practices and aims to provide rapid delivery.
Cost Savings: Successful project implementation requires good management, and the TrustSis Methodology ensures that each project stage is completed according to its methods.



The TrustSis methodology for GRC Project Management, SoD Matrix, and Profile Redesign is essential for organizations seeking to maintain compliance, strengthen security, and optimize their access management processes. By combining concepts from traditional and agile methodologies, TrustSis offers a versatile and adaptable solution capable of molding to the specific needs of each project. With its customer-centric vision and focus on delivering the best results, TrustSis continues to refine its practices, establishing itself as a market leader in SAP identity and access management. Whether in a waterfall or agile model, the TrustSis Methodology is ready to make your projects successful. Contact us!


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