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At the beginning of this year, TrustSis Consultoria concluded another stage of training in people development, Awakening Leaders in partnership with Eric Arruda Master Career Coach. The training, which took place on January 4, 2023, was aimed at working on leadership skills, self-knowledge and team management.​

The training reconciled theory and practice (70-20-10 learning model that unites practical and theoretical), took place in person for all directors, managers, coordinators and corporate architects of TrustSis Consultoria. In this way, it was possible to work on more targeted points considering the reality of each leadership profile.​

According to Claudio Rocha, CEO and founder of TrustSis Consultoria, the main objective of the organization in relation to the Awakening Leaders training is to provide the team of leaders with the tools and techniques that help in decision-making.​

Rocha also mentions that developing and implementing leadership training programs aims to boost the evolution of current leaders and also awaken potential executives, managers and leaders who come from the base of the corporate structure. And when it comes to investing in training leaders, it is also known that not just any training will generate the desired results. Therefore, relying on the support of a consultancy specializing in personal and professional development and leadership skills is to be sure of great, significant results in the short, medium and long term.​

We reaffirm our partnership and gratitude to Eric Arruda Master Coach de Carreira, which provided us with a great event, sharing with us its extensive experience in Awakening Leaders.​

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