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The Role of TrustSis Consultoria in the SoD Risk Management Revolution with AI


TrustSis Consultoria has distinguished itself in the SoD (Segregation of Duties) risk matrix review market as an innovative leader. Serving a variety of industries and segments, the company possesses extensive knowledge and experience in various ERPs, including SAP, TOTVS, Cyberbank, PeopleSoft, PIMS, among others. TrustSis’s innovative capability highlights its position as the preferred choice for clients undertaking SoD risk creation and review projects, along with their respective compensatory controls. With a track record of over 100 successful SoD risk matrix review projects, the company has developed its own methodology and automated tool, incorporating artificial intelligence to enhance the accuracy of the steps involved.


Current Key Challenges in SoD Risk Matrices

Compliance and SoD risk management play a crucial role in the operations of any company. A growing area in this context is the review of the SoD risk matrix and the continuous compliance practices employed to keep it up-to-date, aiming to ensure the proper segregation of duties and prevent conflicts of interest in ERP systems. In this scenario, TrustSis Consultoria stands out as a leader, offering innovative solutions that cover a wide range of industries and ERP systems.


TrustSis Consultoria’s Experience:

With over a decade of experience, TrustSis Consultoria has established itself as a reference in the SoD risk management market. Its experienced and qualified team has worked tirelessly to understand the nuances of various industries and ERP systems, ensuring that their solutions are aligned with the specific needs of their clients.


Innovation with Artificial Intelligence

One of TrustSis’s most impressive features is its continuous pursuit of innovation. The company recognized the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in optimizing the SoD risk matrix review. To this end, it developed an automated tool that incorporates AI to increase the accuracy and efficiency of the process of defining and reviewing the SoD risk matrix and its respective compensatory controls.

Tool: GDS Studio with Artificial Intelligence


TrustSis Methodology:

TrustSis Consultoria not only utilizes AI in its approach but has also developed its own unique methodology for SoD risk matrix review. This methodology is the result of years of practical experience and continuous research, making it highly adaptable to the varying needs of different sectors and ERP systems.


Proven Results:

With over 100 successful projects in its portfolio, TrustSis has consistently demonstrated its commitment to delivering effective results. Its solutions have provided greater compliance and risk reduction for its clients while improving operational efficiency.


TrustSis Consultoria, a leader in the SoD risk matrix review market, stands out not only for its extensive experience and track record of success but also for its innovative approach, incorporating artificial intelligence and developing its own methodology. The company continues to shape the future of SoD risk management, providing tailored solutions that meet the needs of a variety of industries and ERP systems. Its commitment to compliance and operational efficiency makes it the preferred choice for companies seeking to enhance their corporate governance and effectively mitigate risks. TrustSis Consultoria is truly a pioneer in the SoD risk management revolution.

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